NCCofC “Speed Campaigning” Remarks

The Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce hosted an all candidates “speed campaigning” event on Thursday, September 29th, at the Cobourg Lions Community Centre. Each candidate had two minutes to address voters. Here are Nicole’s remarks.

Good evening.  Thank you for being here—gratitude to the Chamber for organizing this event.

My name is Nicole Beatty, and I’m running for Deputy Mayor with fresh ideas and collaborative leadership in mind. Born and raised in Cobourg, I moved back ten years ago to be with family.  I run my own business and started several local community organizations. My partner, Damien, launched a manufacturing business in town; we are engaged and planning a family.

I was elected to Cobourg Council in 2018.  I’ve served on the Planning, Heritage, and Equity Diversity and Inclusion advisory committees, the GRCA Board and participated in Cobourg’s inaugural Women in Governance program. I’m proud of our Council. We created resources for long-range and infrastructure planning and conducted a service delivery and organizational review.  We co-aligned with Northumberland County to implement a housing strategy.  We onboarded a Cultural Master Plan and an Integrated Sustainability Community Plan that will introduce new Green Development Standards. We acted on transit, parking, and accessibility priorities, but I will admit – we didn’t get everything right. I’ve listened and now understand what adjustments need to be made.

I’m committed to positioning Cobourg as a municipality that carefully manages growth, aligns the budget process with our asset management plan, continues to service industrial lands to attract living wage jobs, establishes customer-service standards at Town Hall, enhances our green spaces, preserves heritage, collaborates with small businesses, and offers meaningful arts, cultural and recreational opportunities for aging adults, families, children and youth.

My 20 years of experience in financial reporting, resource development, and community building provides me with the knowledge, skills, and fortitude to be Deputy Mayor.  I’m aware of the essential infrastructure we need to plan for and the service levels we need to maintain. It is about stabilizing taxes, innovating our management processes, balancing our priorities, caring for the most vulnerable and keeping our community safe.

On October 24th, make your voice heard. VOTE.  It’s the best way to ensure our future is one we can all be proud of.  Thank you.

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