Northumberland 89.7FM Candidate Profiles

Thank you to Northumberland 89.7FM Truly Local Radio for asking Municipal Election candidates to answer important questions about why they are running for office and why they are the right person for the job. Nicole’s responses are shared below. Click here to read the responses from all candidates.

Identify one hobby or guilty pleasure you do that is not related to your profession or politics:

In my downtime, I love to read and teach my nieces and nephews how to use a paddle board!

Please answer each question clearly and concisely in no more than 500 words.

1.  Why are you running for council?

I’m ready to do more for Cobourg.

I’m proud of my hometown.  I’m running for Deputy Mayor to be a community connector – to bridge the gap between Council and our community and to ensure that Cobourg is a place where everyone is welcome. 

I’m committed to working hard to ensure residents experience a good quality of life and have opportunities to participate in the community.  As Deputy Mayor, I will work with Council and staff to stabilize and control taxes while making wise investments in essential infrastructure and services and rethinking our policies to bring them up to modern-day standards.

I bring to the role fresh ideas and an understanding of how to position Cobourg as a sustainable future municipality that carefully balances growth and long-range planning and commits itself to environmental stewardship, social equity, cultural diversification, and economic prosperity.

2.  What is the single primary reason you are running?

People.  I am running to care for the well-being of people that call Cobourg home.  The municipality’s decisions impact taxpayers, homeowners, renters, small business owners, young families, aging adults, children and youth, and new residents.  I want to encourage engagement by making it easy for residents to access information and participate in decision-making.  By creating an accessible and inclusive environment, as Deputy Mayor, I will ensure that everyone has a chance to take part in shaping their community.

3.  What will you do to address this issue?

I take a collaborative approach to solving municipal issues through active listening, researching government policies, consulting with user groups and stakeholders, and meeting with staff, the Mayor, and Council coordinators to explore scenarios best to inform program, policy, and budget recommendations.  As Deputy Mayor, my priority will be to sustain a budget that reflects our municipal mandate and rethink Council’s governance structure that works for the people.

4.  Identify one success of the previous council?

The previous Council strongly believed in civic engagement.  They increased public engagement and participation opportunities by introducing communication tools and platforms for residents to have their voices heard and to increase their involvement in informing the direction of essential projects and decision-making.  In addition, the previous Council revised its procedural by-law to include an open forum at its meetings. 

5.  Identify one criticism of the previous council?

The previous Council developed a strategic plan that reflected the evolving realities and issues facing a small urban municipality.  COVID-19 disrupted the Unfortunately, the momentum of the strategic plan.  It took the previous Council a lot of time to adjust and realign its priorities once restrictions were lifted.  Consequently, specific projects and services were delayed.  In addition, the previous Council did not loudly advocate for other levels of government to make our municipal issues known or to secure the resources needed to respond to emerging and ongoing issues.

6.  How will you address the one issue you identified from the previous council?

As Deputy Mayor, I will work with the Mayor, Council, staff, and residents to rethink our approach to strategic planning and budget reporting.  I  will focus on realistic, timely, and manageable goals that align with the Town’s operational plans, asset management needs, and, most importantly, our financial capacity to support them.   In addition, I will tap into my experience in government relations and resource development to help staff secure funding from the provincial and federal governments.  Finally, I will bring forward recommendations to track Council decisions, projects, and unfinished business more efficient and accountable manner.

7.  Why should voters select you over others?

I have an unsurpassed passion for our community and a reputation for being an empathetic, approachable, and responsible leader.  I approach problem-solving by looking at all points of view, researching the issue, and making well-informed, balanced decisions.   In addition, I commit to planning and managing municipal finances and core assets to provide Cobourg citizens with a high quality of life while also positioning the Town for long-term success.  Residents often tell me that I’m there for them, and that’s what people can expect from me: I will be there for you and your loved ones.

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