Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce to host Meet the Candidates event

Speed Campaigning – Cobourg

Date: Thursday, September 29th

Time: 630pm to 9pm

Location: Cobourg Lions Community Centre, 157 Elgin Street East, Cobourg

About the Event (from NCCofC web page)

“Speed Campaigning” is a format that was created by The Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce to facilitate efficient and effective interaction between the voting public and candidates for Cobourg’s Municipal government and local School Board Trustees.  

There will be as many tables as there are participating candidates at this event, and guests will be assigned to a table as they register.  Guests arriving together will be separated and seated at consecutive tables.

Once registration is complete, the host will call the event to order, briefly review the format, and invite all participating candidates to present a 2 minute overview of their Campaign Platform to the audience. 

Following those opening statements, Candidates will take a seat at their starting table, a bell will ring, and individual round-table discussions will commence.  The bell will ring again after five minutes signaling the end of that session.  The candidates will then move to the next table, the bell will ring to begin the discussion, and so on until the candidates have completed the full circuit and every voter in attendance has met every participating candidate.

The Candidates are encouraged to stay after the event for informal networking with the attendees.

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