From talking to people across the riding, Nicole identifies these key pillars as being central to her campaign:

  • COVID-19 recovery for families and small businesses
  • Enhancing supports for frontline and essential workers
  • Attracting new industries that provide a living wage job
  • Investing in our youth
  • Facilitating partnerships to build attainable housing and inclusive communities
  • Protecting our agricultural land and supporting our farmers
  • Reforming policy that puts small businesses at the forefront of our communities
  • Strengthening our broadband infrastructure and transit networks
  • Advocating for environmental sustainability and conservation
  • Building capacity for education and mental health resources
  • Remodeling long term and at-home care so our seniors can live with dignity and in comfort

Nicole is engaging with people in Northumberland-Peterborough South to learn about the priorities and issues that matter to them.  Have your voice heard and share your vision for your riding.  Click here to email Nicole.