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Nicole brings an honest, progressive, strong, and collaborative voice to Cobourg Council. Her vision for Cobourg is a community where everyone is welcome and housing is attainable for all. Nicole believes in a Cobourg where arts and culture, recreation, and heritage thrive, the Town’s assets and infrastructure align with its financial planning and budget reporting, and the local economy and environment are robust and sustainable. And where youth, people with disabilities, newcomers, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2+ community members, young families, individuals, and seniors – everyone – have access to meaningful opportunities, services, and experiences.

From listening to and engaging with people who live and work in Cobourg, Nicole identifies the following critical areas of focus as vital to building a safe, inclusive and liveable community.

Let’s build Cobourg together. If you don’t see or hear yourself and your priorities for a vibrant and resilient Cobourg below, please reach out to Nicole so she can understand what matters to you.


  • Stabilize and control taxes while making wise investments in essential infrastructure and services.
  • Work with residents, staff, the Mayor, and Cobourg Council to develop a Financial Sustainability Plan and identify an annual spending cap for the Town of Cobourg reserves to ensure funds are available for future capital priorities.
  • Plan and manage municipal finances and core assets to provide Cobourg citizens with a high quality of life while also positioning the Town for long-term success.
  • Work with all levels of government, staff, community partners, and Cobourg Council to increase the focus on budgeting to diversify its revenue sources (grants, nontaxation revenue, user fees, etc.).
  • Commit to practicing fiscal responsibility, regular budget reporting, and aligning the annual budget process with the Town’s asset management plan, and taking a team approach to financial planning.


  • Welcome new industries that provide a living wage job, promote employment equality, attract and retain youth and activate economic development partnerships that support, strengthen and sustain our community at all levels.
  • Deepen partnerships with organizations such as Northumberland Manufacturing Association, Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce, Cobourg Downtown Business Improvement Area, Northumberland CFDC, and Northumberland Builders and Construction Association to ensure small businesses, manufacturing and entrepreneurship remain at the forefront of our community economic development initiatives.
  • Invest in responsible and sustainable tourism that generates an economic return on investment by focusing on experience-driven, all-year-round destination development.
  • Encourage business incubation, attraction, and retention initiatives that promote vitalization in the downtown and waterfront districts while providing the same support to other industries, neighbourhoods, spaces, and precincts throughout Cobourg.
  • Leverage Venture13 programs, services, and partnerships to explore and encourage opportunities that advance innovation in critical sectors, including agriculture, technology, women and youth entrepreneurship, and the knowledge economy.
  • Continue to invest in Northam Industrial Park, expand Lucas Point Industrial Park to make it viable and invest in our own infrastructure to provide serviced land for economic growth.


  • Honour the values of transparency and accountability at all levels of decision-making and policy development as Deputy Mayor and as a member of the Cobourg Council.
  • Practice authentic engagement, open communication, consensus building and active listening to ensure Cobourg citizens of all ages and backgrounds have a voice in their community; ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in shaping the present and future of their community.
  • Work with Legislative Services staff, the Mayor and Cobourg Council to review and consider options for introducing modern governance structure and reformatting Council meeting agendas to increase efficiencies and citizen engagement.
  • Work with the Office of the CAO and Cobourg Council to establish a customer-focused culture that supports the development of specific customer service standards and principles, robust information communication technology, and records management systems that enhances response rate and information exchange with the public.
  • Host coffee conversations, drop-in office hours, forums, roundtables, and other formats to keep residents informed about what’s happening in Cobourg and to increase new opportunities for public engagement between the Deputy Mayor position and Cobourg citizens.


  • Champion community collaboration, strategic partnerships, and service innovation to ensure vulnerable populations have access to the resources they need.
  • Advocate for increased partnership funding from the provincial and federal government to support caring, compassionate, and comprehensive responses to address mental health and addictions, homelessness and housing, and opioid overdoses and deaths in Cobourg.
  • Leverage community economic development and green municipality funding available through provincial and federal government programs and partnerships.
  • Advocate for and attract skills and training programs and partnerships with post-secondary institutions and other expert employment providers to build capacity around youth retention and labour force development.
  • Support the work of the West Northumberland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee and regional integrated health networks to prioritize access to a primary healthcare provider for Cobourg residents.


  • Explore the creation of a municipal housing summit, development corporation and other innovative models to rapidly expedite the much urgent need for affordable and attainable mixed-used housing and purpose-built rentals.
  • Accelerate the first phase of the Tannery District to create shovel-ready lands for housing-first development.
  • Collaborate with community organizations, citizens, Northumberland County and the provincial and federal government to design and implement a permanent solution to address homelessness in our community.
  • Work with community groups and other levels of government to revive underutilized or vacant infrastructure such as the former Brookside property, Memorial Arena, Cobourg Beach Canteen, and other town-owned properties with social infrastructure networks that create vibrant physical and social spaces for residents.
  • Plan, design, program, and support physical and social spaces such as the Cobourg Public Library, Cobourg Community Centre, East Pier, West Headlands and West Beach, Cobourg Ecology Garden and other gathering places that foster connections and meaningful interactions among neighbours and residents of all ages.
  • Support the Town’s Parks Master Plan to continue to enhance the community’s vision for a comprehensive parks system that balances recreation and relaxation, all while improving Cobourg’s visual appeal.


  • Invest in active, connected, and green infrastructure and technologies, including bike paths, walking trails, EV charging stations, and a hybrid/electric transit fleet, all while supporting the advancement of the Town’s Transit Master Plan.
  • Continue to support the introduction of ridesharing services and a regional transit service.
  • Continue to support the strategic direction of the Town’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan, the preparation and implementation of Green Development Standards, and the completion of a Green Energy Retrofit feasibility study to influence climate action at the municipal level.
  • Position Cobourg as a sustainable future municipality that carefully balances growth and long-range planning, commits itself to environmental protection, social equity, cultural diversification, and economic prosperity, and invests in clean energy sources and efficient infrastructure.
  • Implement green strategies for municipal land use planning to steward our public spaces, maintain our trails, plant more trees, beautify our streetscapes and boulevards, naturalize the West Headlands and West Beach, increase the number of community gardens and protect wetlands, meadows, conservation areas, and other natural wild ecosystems within Cobourg.


  • Prioritize the advancement and implementation of the Town of Cobourg Cultural Master Plan to showcase and leverage the role that local arts and cultural organizations play in community building.
  • Promote, preserve and progress the Town’s rich heritage and history through creative partnerships with galleries, museums, societies and other likeminded groups.
  • Continue to support the creation of a third Heritage Conservation District (E.g. Corktown) and the preservation of existing heritage buildings.
  • Support the Town’s Senior Centre programming and other initiatives identified by seniors that enable them to actively participate in the community.
  • Invest in recreational opportunities that are youth friendly and reflective of their input.
  • Continue to work with and support waterfront user groups.


  • Enhance inclusion for residents 30 years old and under living and working in Cobourg by creating opportunities for meaningful youth participation and leadership, including the creation of youth advisory members or ambassador positions as a way to engage youth and young professionals in municipal matters, including community, social, cultural, economic, environmental and recreational development and related policies.
  • Encourage and create safe and welcoming spaces through the Town’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy where people living in Cobourg can gather to connect, share, celebrate, collaborate and socialize.
  • Accelerate the implementation of and renew the framework of the Town of Cobourg Multi-Year Accessibility Plan to ensure AODA compliance and to transition Cobourg into a barrier-free community for everyone to enjoy.
  • Continue to support the Women in Governance and other EDI programming to inspire diverse representation within Cobourg Council, committees, and staff recruitment.
  • Open doors, share spaces and listen to people with lived and learned experiences to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

Elect Nicole Beatty for Deputy Mayor on October 24, 2022.

A vote for Nicole is a vote for inclusion, sustainability and resiliency.

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