Nicole Beatty releases her vision for Cobourg

Cobourg, ON – Nicole Beatty, a candidate for Cobourg Council in the 2018 Municipal Election, has released her vision for her community:

Nicole will bring a fresh, next-gen, accomplished, strong and collaborative voice to Cobourg Council. Her vision for Cobourg is a community where everyone is welcome, where housing is affordable for all, where culture and heritage thrives, where the local economy and environment is strong and sustainable, and where youth, newcomers, families and seniors have access to meaningful opportunities, services and experiences.

Nicole’s campaign focuses on five core principles: social policy, economic development, culture and tourism, environmental sustainability and youth engagement. Each one is defined in detail below, outlining what Nicole believes is important for the preservation and progression of Cobourg – the place she and residents love to call home.

Social Policy

The social sustainability and vitality of Cobourg and its residents are of utmost importance to Nicole.  To ensure the well being of seniors and vulnerable citizens, Nicole believes it is important for Council to:

  • Initiate a framework and terms of reference for a Social Planning/Community Development Advisory Council to ensure issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, mental health, drug addiction and food security are included in Cobourg’s Strategic Plan
  • Identify and coordinate planning, partnerships, community outreach and direct service delivery that care for our aging population and most vulnerable citizens
  • Work collaboratively with Northumberland County Council to implement a Housing First strategy with a goal to achieve affordable housing for all
  • Explore forums, roundtables and other formats that increase new opportunities for public engagement between Council and the citizens it serves

Economic Development

In order for Cobourg to be a competitive and attractive place to invest in and to do business, Nicole believes it is important to:

  • Leverage economic development funding available through provincial government programs and partnerships
  • Encourage business incubation, attraction and retention initiatives and incentives that promote vitalization in the downtown and waterfront districts while providing the same support to other industries, neighbourhoods, spaces and precincts across Town
  • Continue to explore and encourage opportunities that advance innovation in key sectors, including agriculture, technology, entrepreneurship, trades and homecare services for seniors
  • Prioritize the economic impact of local living wages to ensure job creation supports employment equality
  • Initiate skills and training programs and partnerships with post-secondary institutions and other expert employment providers to build capacity around labour force development and manufacturing recruitment that will enrich the local economy
  • Ensure tourism, the arts, and local culture are appreciated and developed in synch with other economic opportunities

Culture and Tourism

Cobourg provides a quaint, yet contemporary and livable environment for citizens, and is also popular as a picturesque retreat destination for visitors. Nicole believes it is important to:

  • Facilitate municipal destination and place of choice goals through a strong tourism industry that doesn’t disrupt local living or residents’ quality of life
  • Ensure diversity and accessibility are at the centre of all cultural and recreational opportunities and experiences
  • Advance a Cultural Master Plan that celebrates and promotes the town’s rich heritage and history, its population of artists, musicians and makers, and the development of vibrant creative and social spaces
  • Promote responsible and sustainable tourism that generates an economical return on investment
  • Maintain the dynamic nature and special characteristics of our beautiful waterfront without excessive expansion and exploitation
  • Leverage Cobourg’s natural beauty and ensure local ecology is supported and enhanced

Environmental Sustainability

Stewarding and cultivating land and natural assets at the local level is important to Nicole. She believes that it is Council’s responsibility to:

  • Implement green strategies for municipal land use planning to steward our public spaces, maintain our trails, increase the number of community gardens and protect wetlands, meadows, forests and other natural wild ecosystems
  • Explore incentives that encourage and support green infrastructure and developments
  • Advance partnerships at the municipal and County levels that support reduced waste management, responsible recycling and active composting
  • Explore opportunities to utilize and leverage green technologies especially in waste management, planning and transportation
  • Promote active stewardship of our surrounding farm and conservation lands

Youth Engagement

Cobourg’s demographic is ever evolving. Nicole believes engaging the under-40 population is essential to shaping Cobourg’s future. As Councillor, it would be important for Nicole to:

  • Create a youth advisory council or encourage youth ambassador positions on Town committees as a way to engage youth and young professionals in municipal matters, including community, social, cultural and recreational development
  • Promote and invest in youth entrepreneurship and youth mentorship through enhanced economic partnerships in order to attract and retain the next generation of people that Cobourg will need to innovate and strengthen its local economy
  • Encourage safe and creative social spaces where youth can gather to connect, share, collaborate and play
  • Prioritize affordable housing for people in the 25-44 age group, whose demographic is on the decline in Northumberland due, in part, to a shortage of affordable housing


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